Managed IT Services

Systems Administration

Trusted & Reliable Systems

Efficient and reliable IT systems is cricital for a successful business operations. Samyutha can help your with upkeep, configuration, and reliable operation of servers. We can reduce your operational costs when it comes to upgrades, software & security patches while proactively monitor for symptoms of disk and other common hardware device failures.

Database Administration

Data Integrity & Reliability

Database administration is key to preserve, retrieve business critical data for many organizations. Samyutha can manage most of the databases currently operating in the industry. We can monitor, backup, recover, troubleshoot and optimize your database so that the business applications can continue to operate without any disruption.

Network Administration

Reliable & Secure

We can create and manage self-healing network management through our highly skilled and certified network professionals on budget. We can remotely monitor, identify network issues through custom built network tools. We can also proactively identify troubles through various network diagnostic tools to identify most common failures/issues before they surface.

Data Encryption

Protected Storage

Protect your data stored on your systems and communication channels through our data encryption services. Samyutha keeps up with the latest developments in data encryption technologies so that our clients get the most secure and reliable data encryption systems. Invest in encryption to protect your data from hackers, leaks and other malware.

Firewall & Security

Sensible limitations

An intelligent firewall design can protect your network without causing interruptions. Our experts can design and configure intelligent, stateful firewalls that can differentiate between a security threat and a legitimate communication. We can also evaluate your current configuration to eliminate most security pitfalls that are commonly used for exploitation and disruption.