IT Development

Enterprise Applications

Efficiency in Business Process

Enterprise applications requires specialized skills and experience to effecively design, build and manage business applcations. We have the skill and experience in SAP, Oracle, Salesforce based enterprise applications. Our experts can design, develop custom built enterprise applications like ERP, CRM through open-source platform and implement them for your business.

Systems Development

Critical Business Functions

Samyutha has years of experience in all core programming languages and software development methodologies. We can develop systems software for your business processes for efficient and error free operations. Our professionals can understand and deliver core logic engine, batch processing, data mining or systems integration tailored for your business.


Accelerated Application Development

Application development through DevOps takes advantage of automation in development procress and turns them into shorter development cycles. Samyutha is in the forefront of DevOps methodologies and tools. Contact us and learn more on how your application development process can take advantage on this latest technology.

Web Development

Quick and Adaptive

We have a vast experience in developing web applications for our clients. We can build an entire web application stack based on your business needs. We are the experts in bootstrap systems and HTML5 design implementation techniques which allows for a truly responsive web applications for mobile or desktop environments.

Embedded Systems & IOT

Secure & Flexible Hardware

IOT systems development requires specialized coding skills on microcontrollers and seamless interaction with software layers above. Samyutha can help your business implement software configuration management and develop embedded software applications. Our development process involves a security evaluation at various stages of development process to build the the most secure IOT systems.

E-commerce Platforms

Get ready for Business

There are several E-commerce platforms currently available for discerning clients. If you need a web presence to list, sell and manage orders then we can build it within the limited timeframe and budget. We can build an ecommerce platform that is SEO friendly with all the necessary marketing management & reporting tools.

Location-aware Platforms

Awareness brings Action

Businesses that serve their customers with products & services based on their geo-location have a great opportunity to streamline operations through the latest location-aware software solutions. It is observed that these new technologies have simplified logistics, reduces overhead and reaps great cost savings. Samyutha can help you realize these benefits through a customized business solution.


Precise Content Delivery

Samyutha has the expertise in IPTV prototyping and development of customized content delivery and management systems. We can help you get an OEM set-top box with the necessary software along with the backbone infrastructure to manage channels, pricing models and digital license management. We can help prototype, develop and deploy a truly scalable IPTV services to small and large market sizes. Samyutha has established connections with device manufacturers which help to make sure that the hardware and software integration is reliable and seamless.